Automated UI Testing with WebdriverIO

Automated Testing with WebdriverIO - Starter Edition

Future-Proof Your Websites with Test Automation | taught by Kevin Lamping
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Course description

How often do you make a change to your site that causes an unexpected issue to pop-up in some unrelated page? At least once a week, right?

Manually testing your entire site for every change is time consuming and error-prone, and not every project has the budget for QA resources. What if we could easily write automated UI tests in the language that we all know and love: JavaScript!

This course dives deep in to WebdriverIO, an open-source library used for Selenium testing. We'll cover all the steps to get started writing automated UI tests, so that you can write and release code with confidence.

Kevin Lamping
Kevin Lamping

Kevin Lamping is a Senior Front-end Engineer. He also helps organize Hill Country JS, a front-end meetup in San Antonio.

Kevin has presented on UI testing at multiple conferences, recently released a free 6-day email course on it, and is a WebdriverIO contributor.

In his free-time, when he's not playing with his kids, Kevin dabbles in scale model building, tabletop gaming, piano and gardening.

Kevin Lamping

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Demo Site Installation
Lesson 2: Automated Testing in WebdriverIO Standalone mode
Lesson 3: The WDIO Test Runner
Lesson 4: Catch Failures the Lazy Way
Lesson 5: Pause, Debug and other Useful Commands
Lesson 6: Avoid Rework with "execute" and Custom Commands
Lesson 7: Page Objects
Lesson 8: Bonus: Cucumber And Gherkin Syntax

Reviews (30)

Waiting for course content to be updated

by Fatih Safak
It has been a long time and content is still the same.

Very usefull!

by Pavel Orekhovich
Thank you to Kevin for this very useful course. This course had helped me with my project and now I have already started the automation process on my work.

Very usefull!

by Pavel Orekhovich
Thank you to Kevin for this very useful course. This course had helped me with my project and now I have already started the automation process on my work.
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Waiting for course content to be updated

by Fatih Safak
It has been a long time and content is still the same.

Very usefull!

by Pavel Orekhovich
Thank you to Kevin for this very useful course. This course had helped me with my project and now I have already started the automation process on my work.

Very usefull!

by Pavel Orekhovich
Thank you to Kevin for this very useful course. This course had helped me with my project and now I have already started the automation process on my work.

by Raghunath Venkata

Automated Testing with WebdriverIO - Starter Edition

by leonid pekker
Initial thoughts are: why is this course about v4 which is outdated when it's so different

Needs updated

by Conor Wilson
Had a lot of trouble getting started with this course due to the v5 update

Great course

by Tim Stone
Great course, got me up to speed quickly and in bite sized chunks. Would recommend to anyone.


by Stella Nkirote Mukindia
It's one of the BEST tutorials have ever purchased...Would be good to automate more advanced sites using WDIO. Very grateful for having found this tutorial cos have struggled with selenium which has no good/direct good tutorials.

Excellent course!

by Thomas Knee
This course is really excellent. Kevin is a great instructor and really covers everything that needs to be covered in a good amount of depth. The size of each video and the modules are all broken down into bitesize chunks which also help with learning all the content at a good pace. Kevin also messaged me to see how I was getting along with the course and was very responsive when I emailed him back with some questions I had relating to WebDriverIO selectors. 10/10 would recommend this course if you're looking for a newer Node / Javascript based Web Automation framework.

by Roman Yakymchuk

by Trent Donelson

by Ken Comee

An excellent course to know the backgrounds of this awesome automation tool, WebdriverIO!

by Walter Nolasco
You get to know some basics and intermediate content and scripts about webdriverIO that are very understandable and useful if you are a beginner in automation. Also, you get to know about some npm and javascript functionalities used by the testing framework. You have available many testing frameworks that webdriverIO is capable to use so you can decide which one is the best fit for your automation goals. All of this frameworks are very well explained by the Author of this course and he is always willing to help you if have any concerns or issues during the course. Looking forward to taking the Advanced edition of this great course!

Good, but with one problem

by Gustav Hanehøj
Course was very good, however i ran into one quite frustrating (and dumb) issue during the testrunner setup; if the old selenium server isnt closed when running the testrunner, nothing will work (since it starts its own). The problem is, that if you run through the courses in one go, it never says to turn off this server (and everything else is expected to be on still eg. page server), and it is only briefly mentioned that the testrunner runs the selenium server itself! Other than that, its really easy to follow but paced quickly enough as to not be repetitive/boring

by Alejandro Ruelas

by Joe Patton-Robson

by z dm

A little fast paced, for me, but awesome course

by Billy Carson
The content of the course did not disappoint. I feel like I have a solid foundation to start building my tests off of, and that will become a better foundation after the professional add on is finished. For me, the pace was a little fast. I found myself watching every video twice towards the middle to end of the course. First time to pause and write my scripts along with the video and then the second time to have an uninterrupted training video on what is going on. Overall, though, I'm very impressed with the training and knowledge provided and will recommend to colleagues.

Very informative but arguably exceeds scope

by Chris Tryens
I've worked with Nightwatch.js before (another Javascript interface for working with Selenium), but was interested in learning webdriverio because I'd been having a lot of trouble with Nightwatch and webdriverio seemed easier to work with. Although this course only teaches webdriverio, it gave a very comprehensive explanation of how webdriverio interfaces with Selenium and I believe that a lot of the things that I learned here will end up being applicable for working with Nightwatch.js. Pros: - The pacing suited my experience level (2-years with Javascript and a few months with Nightwatch.js) - Explanations and examples were very comprehensive and easy to understand - Covers both the implementation of webdriverio and the high-level understanding of how Selenium and the WebDriver API work - Learned things outside the scope of webdriverio that were useful to me (some additional functionality in chai.js, the fact that Node ships with its own testing functionality - assert - and the onchange npm tool) Cons: - I had hoped it would be longer given the price - It exceeded the scope of webdriverio. Although the areas that it touched on outside of webdriverio were useful to me, they may not be to more seasoned developers. There was (at least) one video that was entirely devoted to working with the testing frameworks mocha and chai. I was already familiar with these testing frameworks and although the refresher was nice and there was some additional pointers that I took away from the lesson, the depth with which it was covered struck me as inappropriate for a course on webdriverio. Overall, I'm glad that I invested in the course. I've already recommended it to more junior developers on my team, but I wouldn't recommend it for more senior developers.

by Nn Nn

Great work

by Emiliano Meilan
I enjoyed this course a lot because it was what I expected. I say this honestly. This isn't an automated review like your email but now i can make one, thanks to you.

More pageObjects stuff!

by Brandon Vaughan
I loved the course! The only thing keeping it five stars for me was I wanted a bit more on pageObjects, but that's just my personal opinion. Keep up the great work, Kevin. I look forward to more videos, including your YouTube channel.

High quality

by Paul Farrell
Very good course for Webdriver IO, however I wouldn't recommend this for complete beginners to programming. There seems to be this assumption that you're already aware of basic programming knowledge (variables, classes, strings, booleans etc.) Fortunately I've have basic Selenium skills using Ruby and I have used Javascript using Postman, so I wasn't going into this course completely green. That would be the only constructive criticism I have for this course, other than that - I learnt a lot from this, mostly the section on Page Objects (I wish this was section was expanded upon as the vast majority of Selenium courses tell you how to interact with webpages but fail to capitalise on the actual framework/maintainability of your tests.) I've purchased the professional edition too, so hopefully this is discussed further :) Great job Kevin, I enjoy the pace of the videos and all the fluff is cut out unlike 90% of the Selenium courses on Udemy... Much appreciate and look forward to more content on Webdriver IO. Paul Farrell.

by sri p

Great courses

by Pierre KANOHA
It is a great course. The end was very hard for me as I'm not a DEV but I understood the concepts. When I level up in JS I'll be able to deal with this subject with more ease. Whatever, the course is more oriented for people with a great skills in JS. I recommend.

Excellent starter

by Bacon Baconski
One of the best courses on webdriverio and getting started with nodejs testing

by Silviu Bojica

5 stars

by Becca Lloyd
Great course. Really simple to follow. Can't wait for the next chapters!

Short but sweet

by Hemraj Singh
Can't wait for more content. Great introduction

by grant Horner