Automated UI Testing with WebdriverIO

Automated Testing with WebdriverIO - Professional Add-on

Future-Proof Your Websites with Test Automation | taught by Kevin Lamping
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Course description

How often do you make a change to your site that causes an unexpected issue to pop-up in some unrelated page? At least once a week, right?

Manually testing your entire site for every change is time consuming and error-prone, and not every project has the budget for QA resources. What if we could easily write automated UI tests in the language that we all know and love: JavaScript!

This course dives deep in to WebdriverIO, an open-source library used for Selenium testing. We'll cover all the steps to get started writing automated UI tests, so that you can write and release code with confidence.

Kevin Lamping
Kevin Lamping

Kevin Lamping is a Senior Front-end Engineer. He also helps organize Hill Country JS, a front-end meetup in San Antonio.

Kevin has presented on UI testing at multiple conferences, recently released a free 6-day email course on it, and is a WebdriverIO contributor.

In his free-time, when he's not playing with his kids, Kevin dabbles in scale model building, tabletop gaming, piano and gardening.

Kevin Lamping

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Hooking in to Browserstack & Sauce Labs
Lesson 2: Multibrowser Testing
Lesson 3: Integrating with CICD Systems
Lesson 4: Visual Regression Testing
Lesson 5: Test Reporters
Lesson 6: The WebdriverIO Starter Kit and Login Tests