Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

  • 2

    Installation and Configuration

    • Software Requirements

    • Browsers, and "Driving" Them

    • Installing WebdriverIO and Basic Usage

  • 3

    The WebdriverIO Test Runner

    • Upgrading to the WDIO Test Runner

    • Reviewing the Standard WebdriverIO Configuration File

    • Running the Example Test Runner Test

    • Command Line Options and Reading The Log Output

  • 4

    The Web App Testing Guidebook

    • PDF Download

    • Epub and Mobi Download

Kevin Lamping

Kevin Lamping is a Senior Front-end Engineer. He also helps organize Hill Country JS, a front-end meetup in San Antonio.Kevin has presented on UI testing at multiple conferences, recently released a free 6-day email course on it, and is a WebdriverIO contributor.In his free-time, when he's not playing with his kids, Kevin dabbles in scale model building, tabletop gaming, piano and gardening.